Founded by Vincenzo and Antonio De Crescenzo for over forty years, it is located in via dei Greci 2 / a at the corner with Via del Babuino, from which the name. It is the most central of the auction houses in Rome.
Babuino's House of Avenues includes in its history prestigious auction sales of antique furnishings of large villas, noble palaces and castles, realized by four generations of auction houses of the De Crescenzo family. Among these are the auction of the castle of Casal dei Pazzi in Rome, the castle of Jupiter of the Marchesi D'Aquarone and the auction of the furnishings of the Cimino Cinearredamenti in the cinematic studios of Cinecittà in Rome.
At our head office in Via Dei Greci, 2 / a in Rome auction sales are monthly, from September to July.